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Sogno di Volpe – White

Fedro’s famous fable—“To a dream what which comes true, grapes too desirable yet unattainable for the fox”—has become the symbol of our organic wine.

Elegant floral aromas balanced with a hint of fruit, the wine has a passionate fragrance with a strong taste which is bright and lively on the palate, due to an extended aging in the lees.
It should be served at a temperature of about 8 - 10 degrees

Product Info

Region: Puglia
Grape variety: Bombino bianco
Planting Density: 1,00 x 2,25m
Growing sistem: Pruned-spur cordon-trained
Soil composition: Clay loam
Yeld per hectare: 10 t.
Grape Yeld: 60%
Harvest: In the second half of September
Tipologia di raccolta: Manual | in 15 Kg crates
Vinification: Cold maceration with skin for 7-8 hours at 5°C
Alcoholic fermantation: In stainless-steel tank at 15/16°C
Maiolattica fermentation : No
Ageing: In bottle for a minimum of 4 months

Technical Sheet