Fedro – Pas dosé

Spumante Wine – Classic Method

Born from the magic of fairy tales, Fedro is an elegant and refined sparkling wine, obtained through the Classic method.

Straw yellow with golden reflections. Fine, persistent perlage with bouquet characteristics, hints of bread crust and yeast enriched delicate notes of citrus and fruits. Sapid, fresh and harmonious.
It should be served at a temperature of about 4 - 6 degrees

Product Info

Type: Pas Dosé
Region: Puglia
Grape variety: Bombino bianco
Planting Density: 1,00 x 2,25m
Growing sistem: Pruned-spur cordon-trained
Soil composition: Clay loam
Yeld per hectare: 6 t.
Grape Yeld: 50%
Harvest: Handpicked in the second half of August in 15kg crates
Residual sugar: 2,5 gr/lt

Vinification: Static decantation of the must after soft pressing whole grapes. After the addition of cultured yeast, the wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks at 16°C. The bottle rests for a minimum of 24 months with cultured yeast before disgorging. A second fermentation is made at 14°C.

Technical Sheet